Ballistic Helmets

Essential protection. Trusted reliability.

There is no more essential and fundamental piece of battlefield or law enforcement kit than the combat helmet. And no more important piece of kit to perfect.

At CES, our lightweight PPH helmet portfolio delivers the ultimate fusion of high level ballistic protection and comfort. Today, we take a fully modular approach to the design and integration of subsystems, all based on the detailed, mission-specific demands of our clients and their frontline personnel.

Integrated retention and suspension systems, together with our composite ballistic shell, equip today’s defence and law enforcement personnel with robust, versatile protection they can rely on in every theatre of operation.



Our seamless composite shell made from best-in-class Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) gives our combat helmets robust protection all round. Meanwhile, advanced engineering design ensures exceptional ballistic protection against bullet and fragmentation threats without compromising on defence against blunt trauma.

Improved geometry similar to the Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH) enables better situational awareness together with superior field of vision. All-important ballistic protection is according to STANAG 2920 17gr FSP (up to >1,000 m/s with additional plates). MICH shape helmets are also available.